Pekalen Rafting

Pekalen Rafting (Probolinggo)
REGULO, NOARS, SONGA rafting is offering you a 12 km river-course. Tthroughour the route, you will speed through 27 challenging rapids and more, with unforgetable scenic view and gorges feasting your eyes.

Rafting trip is one of the most exiting water recreation. With our inflatable raft, equipment and guide, you will raft along white water river called Pekalen Atas. The feeling is unforgetable. From slow rapid to the fast one, you will be rocked more anda more… Until you satisfy. Through that rapids you will bunped into new kind of wet fantasy. But the excitment is not over yet, because you will be experience of something different relaxation. Like getting soaked. How? You’ll never know until you try.

Pekalen Atas River Characteristics
– 7 Watefall
– Water source come from Mount Argopuro and Mount Lamongan.
5-20 meters average river’s width with 1-3 meters depth.
About 12 kilo meters distance which took about 3,5 hours time
– More than 50 rapids (Welcome, Batu Jenggot, Pandawa, Rajawali, Xtravaganza, KPLA, Tripple Ace, The Fly Matador, Hiu, Cucak Rowo, Long Rapid, Good Bye)
– Level of difficulty II – III+.


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